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Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies


Centenary University SPS Core 40 credits
Professional Studies Core 30-40 credits
Concentration 12-15 credits
Free Electives 25-38 credits
Total 120 credits
Credit Transfer Policy:
We accept college credit from a variety of sources to help you finish your degree quickly and efficiently.  Up to 96 credits from a four-year institution; up to 72 credits from a two-year institution. Ask for more details.

Professional Studies Core Courses:

Accelerated 8-week courses
  • Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Professional or Social Media Marketing
  • Business Presentations and Applications
  • Global Sustainability or Global Societies and Systems
  • Change Management
  • Culture Diversity or Gender and Identity
  • Cross Disciplinary Research Methods
  • Professional Writing or Public Speaking
  • Human Interaction
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making or Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Professional Studies Capstone


Additional courses required for each concentration



Courses (total 16 credits):
Introduction to Psychology
Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
Social Psychology
Abnormal Psychology

Social Media Marketing

Courses (total 16 credits):
Social Media Marketing
Digital Advertising
Data Analytics
Social Media Strategy and Consulting


Courses (total 16 credits):
Introduction to Sociology
+ Any 3 of these Sociology courses (above 1000 level):
Global Societies and Systems
Groups, Organizations, and Leadership
Social Stratification
Sociological Theory
Work & Society
Non-Profit Organizations

Strategic Communications (Coming Spring '20)

Courses (total 13 credits):
Business Presentations and Applications
Writing for Business Success
Brand Elevation
Feedback and Assessment for Effective Communication

Academic Support

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