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Rebecca Bohmer
Program Advisor
(973) 257-5190 ext. 5012


Student Advising

The mission of Advising is to facilitate the successful transition of adult learners on campus and online. Innovative and quality services, programs, and resources are offered in an effort to meet the integration of all aspects of the adult learners’ life. Academic Advisors assists SPS students in realizing their educational, career, and life goals and assist them in in taking responsibility for developing meaningful experiences.

University Catalog

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Academic Calendar

Centenary College’s School of Professional Studies operates on an accelerated academic calendar. For each traditional semester, SPS has two terms running for 8 weeks each. Most SPS students complete 24 credits per year (4 credits in each of six terms). All credits are awarded on a Semester hour basis. Below is the calendar of SPS terms through 2022.

Academic Success & Advising Center

The Academic Success and Advising Center, located in the Harris and Betts Smith Learning Center, is the primary source of academic support programs on campus. Students can request academic coaching appointments for topics such as: goal setting, time management, study strategies and various other academic skills.

Tutoring and Writing Collaboratory

The Tutoring Center and Writing Collab assist students in becoming independent learners by offering resources and various modes of tutoring to help students succeed.