Mission Statement:

Fostering Self-Efficacy – Developing life skills

The School of Professional  Studies strives to provide academic skill-building support and to inspire excellence in every student leading to the development of competent, self-motivated, independent individuals committed to life-long learning. This may be accomplished through one-on-one tutoring, skill building workshops, and special topic workshops held throughout the year.

Success Centered – Student Focused

The staff is dedicated to recognizing the uniqueness and the potential of each adult student, maximizing that potential, promoting respect, and cultivating collaboration in the school community.

The aim of Quill & Query is to facilitate a learning environment that allows students to increase their knowledge in content areas, fosters critical thinking, and strengthens written communication skills encouraging them to become self-motivated, competent learners.

To request assistance, all students must fill out our Academic Tutoring and Help Request Form.


Tutoring and other academic guidance is provided at no charge to all SPS students.  Our goal is to provide skill-building support for long-term success using a coaching approach to quickly help students become independent learners.

Please be specific in identifying where you are encountering difficulty – is important that we have an idea of the primary issues that you are having with the course in order to assign a tutor who will best be able to address those issues.  Students must attend the first class of any course before submitting a request.

All requests must be made using the online request form.  Email requests will not be accepted.  Please do not directly contact tutors with whom you may have previously worked with.  Tutor assignment is made by Quill & Query based on student need, tutor availability, and tutor expertise in the area in which you need assistance.  While every effort will be made to assign a tutor within 2 days of receipt of your request, this is always subject to content expert availability and demand.

Tutoring is available in the following subjects:

Accounting Economics
Math Statistics
Writing Across the Curriculum

Tutoring Sessions:

Flexible schedules Face-to-face or online

To benefit the learning experience of the student, tutoring sessions are generally limited to one or two students.  Exceptions to this guideline may be granted with the approval of the ASC Coordinator.

PRIOR to a Session:

  1. Attend class!  Take notes and complete all assigned reading.
  2. Contact your instructor for assistance and clarification of difficult concepts.
  3. Attempt all assignments.
  4. Note specific difficulties you are having and prepare questions to ask your tutor.

Attending a Session:

To get the maximum benefit from your time together –

  1. Be on time!
  2. Bring your textbook, notes, syllabus and any other relevant materials.
  3. Bring specific questions.
  4. Engage in discussion and problem-solving with your tutor.
  5. Please do not expect tutors to do your assignments.

Tutors will assist you in understanding the course concepts to increase your skills and guide you to becoming an independent learner.  If you do not understand something, ask you tutor to rephrase the concept; tutors will not provide the answers to your homework or do it for you.  For writing issues, tutors will help you hone your skills with the writing process.  They will not provide an editing, proofreading or formatting service.

Please review the Academic Honesty Statement in your syllabus.

Your tutoring sessions do not substitute for classroom attendance & participation.

Attendance and Cancellation Policy:

Students must notify tutors 24 hours in advance to cancel a scheduled session.

Students who do not report for two scheduled sessions in a term without notification will be ineligible to receive services for the remainder of the term.

To request assistance, all students must fill out our Academic Tutoring and Help Request Form.