Mission Statement

The mission of Advising is to facilitate the successful transition of adult learners on campus and online. Innovative and quality services, programs, and resources are offered in an effort to meet the integration of all aspects of the adult learners’ life. Academic Advisors assists SPS students in realizing their educational, career, and life goals and assist them in in taking responsibility for developing meaningful experiences.

Expectations of Advisors:

  • Responds to student inquiries within a timely manner
  • Be knowledgeable of and can answer your questions regarding university policies, regulations and procedures
  • Helps students clarify their options, goals and potential
  • Motivate advisees, present options and solutions
  • Communicate with you each quarter (in-person, via phone, and/or email)
  • Listen to your needs and refer you to appropriate support services within the university
  • Advocate for academic and curricular needs

Expectations for Students:

  • Keep phone/email/address updated in university database
  • Use official Centenary email for all academic communications
  • Become familiar with the SPS Student Catalog and follow university procedures and registration policy
  • Collaborate with your advisor to explore educational career, and life goals
  • Take responsibility for your academic goals and choices, including being mindful of the courses you are registering for, and knowing the tuition rates and financing policies
  • Know the requirements of your major and be aware of and heed all transactional deadlines, i.e. course withdrawal, registration Leave of Absence, etc.

Academic Advising Expected Student Learning Outcomes

By maintaining a relationship with your advisor, you will:

  • Become familiar with Centenary University’s School of Professional Studies policies and registration process
  • Become comfortable navigating Centenary’s academic and support systems
  • Know your degree requirements and understand course format and course expectations
  • Be able to consider education and career life goals
  • Learn appropriate ways to self-advocate with faculty and staff

School of Professional Studies Fequently Used Forms

Method Of Payment

Change of Address/Status/Personal Data

Alumni Application for Centenary University Diploma

May 2020 Graduation Application

May 2020 Graduation Application with Hooding

Change of Name Form

Class Absence Withdrawal Form

Course Substitution and Waiver form

SPS/Main Campus Drop-In Form

Transcript Request Form